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"Thank you for your service. Our home sale closed Friday, and the windows looked great. I think of your tagline as "Responsive, Reliable, & Reasonable!" I'll be happy to refer future customers to you. I learned a lot from our conversations, and am a satisfied customer." --Maria D. Greenlake area of Seattle, WA  

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Weathervane Wood Windows was established in 1980 and manufactured several styles of wood windows. During the housing boom of the 80’s and 90’s, they were the window of choice of homeowners and builders alike. The original Weathervane company dissolved around 2001 and sold the name to a company who exclusively makes vinyl windows. Weathervane Wood Windows have a poor reputation that is not entirely deserved as far as we are concerned. On the whole, the lifespan of well maintained Weathervane Wood Windows have averaged around 20 years here in the Northwest. That is nearly double the lifespan we see with the currently popular (and cheap) vinyl windows being used in all new construction.

The first Weathervane windows to fail will be the ones facing south or west that get the most direct sunlight. Indication of a failed window seal is often a swirling blue haze along the sides or top of a window. Another indication is when you see moisture, fog or mineral crystal deposits on the inner glass. Full wood window replacement is four to five times more expensive than simply replacing the failed thermal pane window glass. Window Defoggers specializes in replacing just the double pane glass units in your Weathervane Wood Windows, so that your stained or painted window frames and sashes continue to match. Let us remove the fog from your windows today!

Weathervane Window Issues

  • Internal grids as thick as the inner airspace. This does not allow internal air circulation and actually creates a poorly insulated window as heat loss has a direct line: glass-metal-glass.
  • The original square internal grids are difficult for some companies to match.
  • Lack of maintenance by the homeowners—particularly an issue on wood-stop windows.
  • Sealed sash construction on most Weathervane windows (not wood-stopped) makes it difficult to replace just the double pane glass unit. Only a few glass replacement companies have the ability or knowledge to replace them.
  • Frames and sashes made of pine instead of fir. Pine is a soft, wide grained wood that is more prone to rot if not properly maintained
  • Improper installation. A common installation mistake by builders was placing window frames directly upon a brick foundation without proper flashing.

Weathervane wood stop window

Our Solutions

  • We can match your original internal grids or upgrade them to a thinner grid that allows inner air circulation (and thus better insulation) while still looking nearly identical to the originals.
  • If your frames and sashes are free of rot, we replace just the double pane glass units so you retain the original frames and any painting or staining is very minimal. This is the cheapest, most common option.
  • If a sash has dry rot or you want all new wood primed for painting, we can replace just the sash and double pane glass window, leaving the original frames in place. This is still cheaper than full window replacement.
  • Caulking of all your external wood-stop windows to prevent early window failure.
  • Replace or upgrade the original weather stripping of the opening windows.
Weathervane Wood Window service  Weathervane Wood Window service

Weathervane Wood Window service involves replacing the glass IGU in your existing wood sashes, which requires disassembling and reassembling the sashes. When we're done the fog in your windows is gone.

Your Opportunity

Weathervane Sealed Sash wood windowWhile no one wants to have to replace all the windows (even just the glass) in their home, the opportunity available when you’re faced with this situation is a chance to upgrade and change to something better!

  • High performance low-e. Advances in technology have produced astonishingly good low-e films that stop 60% of the incoming sun’s heat in the summer and reduce 50% of the heat loss in the winter, all without a loss in the clarity and visibility. Low-e only adds about 15% to the cost of a window.
  • For maximum energy efficiency, add Argon gas.
  • Reduce glare and increase privacy with Tinted Glass.
  • Keep or remove the internal grids. Some people like the grids, especially for the windows facing the street or neighbors as they increase privacy by stopping the eye from looking “through” the window. However, they can make a room feel smaller and “cut off” from the world outside. (see pictures below)
  • Change the color of the internal grids. Bronze instead of white, or vice versa.
20-year old weathervane window Repaired 20-year old weathervane window

No Cow Pies Here

Weathervane Wood Windows are great windows on the whole, and with a little care and upkeep can continue to be for another twenty or thirty years. Full window replacement is very expensive and totally unnecessary unless your frames are rotten or broken. Call Window Defoggers for a free, “no bull” window assessment. We never hard sell or sell you something you don’t need. Our joy and satisfaction is educating homeowners about windows so you can make the choices that are best for you. Let us take the fog from your windows without taking a lot of money out of your pocket.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Window Defoggers did an outstanding job in replacing the glass in our 48 Weathervane wood windows with failed seals. Jon and his crew were very competent and skilled in all aspects of the operation including removing the windows, disassembling the sash from the old glass, reassembling the sash with the new glass, and reinstalling the window...and everything was accomplished without a hitch and with minimal, if any, damage to the existing sash.

"I found Jon easy to work with, informative and very professional in all aspects of the estimate negotiation as well as the final installation. I particularly appreciated his willingness and efforts to accommodate my desire to see the end result of his work and talk to previous customers before committing.

"Bottom line...everything exceeded my expectations. The Window Defogger approach is a very cost effective and minimally disruptive way to replace failed Weathervane wood windows."

--Gene P. Bainbridge Island, WA
(August 2012)

"All the houses in our development were built with Weathervane wood windows. Weathervane is out of business now (and that's probably a good thing!)... If you have fogged glass or rotten wood, you have to go elsewhere to get them replaced or repaired.

"The bottom line is this: contrary to what you may be told by many of the big window companies here and nationally, these windows *can* be repaired. The glass can be removed from those wood sashes, and new glass, that exactly matches what came out, can be installed in the original sashes, and no one will ever be able to tell. The mullions can be matched, as can the dimensions, and all the details.

"In January, we had 13 windows replaced for just over $5000...We had estimates from other vendors that ranged from $12,000 to $20,000 for the "same" work, though some of the higher estimates (from Anderson and Pella) involved replacement of more than just the window sash.

"To do this work, we used Window Defoggers, LLC. He's knowledgeable, responsive, honest, and not pushy. And he does the installations himself, with one other trusted, long-term employee. In all my years of hiring contractors for various tasks, I've never found someone I liked better."

--Ron S.
Redmond, WA

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