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The Benefits of Glass Replacement


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Glass Replacement vs. Window Replacement

Window glass replacement is simpler and far less expensive than full window replacement.

With glass replacement we repair your windows while leaving your window frames in place and just replace just the window glass. This way your home's window frames all continue to match.

Many people don't realize that they don't have to replace their entire window when the glass unit has failed or the glass has been cracked or broken. We remove the fog, moisture or haze in your window by simply replacing the glass rather than the whole window. Glass repair is far easier than complete window replacement and costs far less. When we replace just the window glass we repair the window, remove the fog, haze or moisture and extend it's life by many years to come.

We offer window glass replacement for

  • Broken and Cracked Windows
  • Tempered Glass such as Glass Doors and Bathroom Windows
  • Aluminum Framed Windows
  • Vinyl Framed WindowsGlass replacement in process
  • Wood Framed Windows

Pros and Cons of Glass Replacement
  • Cheaper than window replacement
  • Instant results
  • Can be done to any type of window
  • You can upgrade to low-E, Argon, grids, tempered glass, or designer glass
All our glass is handcrafted for a top quality seal that will keep your glass looking new for more than 30 years.

           High quality hand crafted seals      Top quality seal that looks good for 30 years plus

  • Doesn't upgrade your window frames
If you need new door frames we offer top quality wood doors from Windsor.

       Quality Wood Doors from Windsor

Upgrade Options
When you replace your glass you have the opportunity to upgrade your windows. Options are:
Low-E Energy Efficient Glass

Glass Replacement is a great way to upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing the frames. Quality Low-E glass can reduce the sun's heat entering your windows by 68% and can significantly reduce heat loss from your house. Low-E also helps reduce fading caused by UV from sunlight.

I want new glass, now what?
Glass Replacement is a simple process. First we carefully measure the glass in the failed window and determine any special features it might have such as low E coating. When we know everything about your current window glass installation we give you a quote on the cost of replacing the glass with new units that are identical to your current failed windows. Because of the high rate of failure of Intercept Spacers, we offer only standard box spacers in our glass replacement units.

If you know the dimensions of your windows we offer an online estimate for your window glass repairs.

If you accept our bid we ask that you put down a deposit on the cost of the glass we will be ordering. We order the glass and set up an appointment for a few days later when we return and do the window repair.

On the appointed day we arrive with the new window glass. We remove your old foggy window glass without disturbing your window frames and replace it with the new window glass unit. Then we caulk the window to assure no moisture can get in helping to extend the life of your new window. So in just a short time you can go from having fog, haze, moisture or mineral deposits in your windows to having a crystal clear view!

When we're done we take the old window glass with us and dispose of it for you.

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We'll remove the fog, haze, moisture and condensation from your windows and give you back your view.